Vikings Red, Back Again!

“..this year we are there to win it.”

The Vikings RED is back at it, securing their spot in the DPL finals for the third straight year, as well as making it to the RMHL finals! After a painful loss in last year’s DPL finals, this group of battle-tested Vikings is hungry and ready for their next challenges!

In the RMHL, the Vikings and U20 Wolfe hold the top two spots, granting them a chance to fight for the 2018/2019 title.

In the DPL quarter-finals, RED ransacked the Eisberg in game 1 with a score of 10-0. Eisberg forfeited their second game allowing the Vikes to slide easily into the semis against Waldbronn.

In game one, Hannah kept the back end secure while the boys tallied up points. Lead by Hampton’s hat-trick, the Vikes rallied for a final score of 8-2. Game 2 on Thursday night finished their semi-final sweep with a commanding 5-1 win, with goals from Hagan, Leska, and Hampton! A great team effort has lead them to this point!

Red’s dominance in the semifinals proved that all of the training, late nights, long drives, tournaments, camps, and team get-togethers have paid off…forging a hard-working, fun-having, fast-skating, play-making, championship(s)-deserving team!

When asked about this accomplishment, Captain Kevin Stowers said “Ja, third year in a row. And this year we are there to win it.”

Come out and support the Vikings as they battle for two Championships!

The RHML finals will be held on Friday 29.03 at 1845 in Mainz.

  • Eishalle am Bruchweg (Dr.-Martin-Luther-King-Weg 19, 55122 Mainz)

Red’s DPL finals game will be held on Sunday 31.03 at 1200  in Eppleheim

  • Icehouse Eppleheim (Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 20, 69214 Eppelheim)


Happy New Year!

On the eve of the new year and looking back, 2018 certainly proved to be one of the most exciting and monumental years for the Vikings. There were a lot of ups and downs with wins and losses, injuries, parties, birthdays, meetings, players coming and going, family tragedies, weddings, newborn babies, and an unknown number of get-togethers that proved that no matter the situation, the Vikings stick together and is a great family! We could write a book about this past year but many of the stories can be found on our site and especially spoken about when you come to spend some time with us.

One Major change is that the Vikings have grown to FOUR teams! BLACK, RED, WHITE, and GRAY. More on this later…

After the holiday break of 2017/2018, the Vikings came back strong for the second halves of their seasons. The  2017/2018 DPL season ended with both of our competitive teams finding their ways to the finals. With the support of a busload of Vikings, BLACK and RED made the trip to Eppleheim to battle for their respective 1st and 4th Division titles. Despite their efforts and cheering from our supporters, both teams came up short. There is definitely something to prove this season.

As for the RMHL, the Vikings BLACK won for the fourth consecutive season with a dominant game over the Mainzer Wölfe.

This year, the 2nd annual Battle for Henkel 3v3 tournament had a huge showing! Ten teams signed up with a total of 41 skaters. It was a great time with music, good hockey and some snacks. We can’t wait to do it again next year.

The 26th Annual Armed Forces Alpine Classic in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was a great time as always. We brought three teams, BLACK, RED, and WHITE. Coming back to Wiesbaden without any titles was a huge bummer, but the Vikings had a very memorable time. The annual Saturday night dinner brought all three teams together followed by a final hoorah at peaches and the very long ride back home. We have already signed up for next year’s tournament, this time bring all 4 teams!!!

The summer time kept many of the Vikings busy, playing in both the Regionalliga as well as the RMHL. There were practices and games almost every week, making it a great chance for guys to stay fit during the off season.

The annual golf outing allowed our superstars to show off their skills outside of the rink. The Vikes played a round at the Rheinblick Golf Course, realizing for the first time in history that Canadians can golf!

For the second year, with the organization by David Leska, we took a team trip to an ice hockey training camp in Pisek, Czech Republic. This year, to avoid the stressors of driving, 37 vikings took the bus for a four day trip to kick off the season.  There was intense daily training and stickhandling drills geared towards getting the Vikes ready for winter. Included were 3 meals each day, a top team match against the Kuwaiti National team, a beer fest in the city center, and a great team dinner. We will be re-visiting Pisek again next year.

 “Oh Captain, my Captain”

-Walt Whitman

More ice time is a never ending goal, and with our Captain’s realization that a Friday night slot opened up, came the birth of the Wiesbaden Pond Hockey Liga (WPHL). Twelve teams of five players have been assembled by mixing skaters from each of the four Vikings teams. The WPHL has seen tremendous success so far with four tournaments having been played in 2018. This gives players of all levels to skate with and against each other.

The team held annual elections at Brauhaus Kastel voting on an expanded board, appointing volunteers and providing an update on club activities. The board meets on a monthly basis to discuss all club matters. One thing that has been in discussion for some time is the new rink in Wiesbaden. Jan 22nd 2019 is the next milestone. Rink planners from all over Europe will show their first plans to a very small group of people, where Hans Schmidt will have the chance to give his experience to the City for the future rink.

The 2018/2019 Season Kick-off-BBQ was a huge success, bringing lots of the players and family members together for a day of fun-filled activities, great food, and the celebration of Luke’s birthday. HUGE thanks to Frankie for organizing that great day. 

Also, we have secured lots of practice ice this year with at least three ice times in Wiesbaden each week and with the addition of so many new skaters, we were able to build a fourth (GRAY) team, which practices each week and also plays in friendly games. GRAY’s first EVER game was a 4-2 win against the Stuttgart Mustangs. White was granted access to the DPL this season and have given teams a lot of trouble in their short time in the league. They had a slow start to the season but have already taken a huge win against the Lightnings Wiesloch.

This year’s Christmas party had a great turnout. We had around 100 guests to include players, families, and friends. The night was eventful with toasts, a delicious buffet, live music from our very own Yannik Suhre on the ukulele, Danny D. on vocals and the kick-ass band from Kaiserslautern, Roll n’ Rock.  There were door prizes, plenty of dancing, the traditional coaster toss and, of course, the mid-season boat race championship. For the first time ever, BLACK has taken the reigns as boat race champions!

Thank you everyone who has supported us this year. Friends, fans, and especially our families who prove day in and day out to have our backs as we take part of something we have so much passion for.  Being an international team has its up and downs and it’s definitely tough having to say goodbye to some great teammates. We hope that your memories as a Viking will stay with you forever and you will spread the word about this great club.

Once a Viking, always a Viking

Happy New Year!!!


Round-Up and Merry Christmas!

December has been an exciting time for the Vikings full of lots of action.

On December 4th the Vikings BLACK took a tough 4:5 loss in the DPL to the Export Rangers in Eppleheim. They were up going into the third period but took the foot off the gas, resulting in a comeback from the home team. This puts BLACK in a 0-2 start for the DPL1. The boys know it’s time to re-focus and re-group in January to make a push for the playoffs.

December 9th proved to be a tough day for RED They took the long drive to Waldbron to play the Huskies, coming up short, losing 2:3. A few days later they were able to come up with a big win against the Darmstadt Homis on home ice in Wiesbaden.

The 4th night of the WPHL was held on December 14th and was eventful as always. Teams 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 got together and battled hard. Team 4, The Don Cherry Poppers, were the stars of the night coming up with 3 wins. These Friday evenings are great to keep the legs moving, to refine your skills and to play with skaters from all skill levels. 

The annual Vikings Christmas party on December 15th at the Ratskeller in Wiesbaden rocked! We had around 100 guests, to include players, families, and friends. The night was eventful with toasts, a delicious buffet, live music from our very own Yannik Suhre on the ukulele, Danny D. on vocals and the kick-ass band from Kaiserslautern, Roll n’ Rock.  There were door prizes, plenty of dancing, the traditional coaster toss and, of course, the mid-season boat race championship. For the first time ever, BLACK has taken the reigns as boat race champions! They will have a chance to defend their title on February 16th in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It was a wild night filled with laughter, great conversation and an endless flow of cold beverages. The Viking family showed up strong. Check out this beauty of a video shot and edited by Patrick and Timur.

From our family to yours, the Wiesbaden Vikings wish you a Merry Christmas. Frohe Weihnachten!

Weekly Round Up 11/26-

Last week was HUGE for the Vikings. After several long trips down south, WHITE won their first ever game in the DPL 5, against the Lightnings Wiesloch, with a dramatic 3rd period comeback. Down 1-4 after 2 periods, the Vikes charged to score 4 goals in the 3rd. The final goal started with capped a ringer off the post by Captain Beemer and finished off when Chris ” Michael Phelps” Hartnett picked up the rebound, scoring the game-winner and getting a well deserved hat-trick! Steve Meyer described his captain as “…going full beast mode”. Beemer had something to say about that; “…When we scored the first goal in the 3rd it was like the whole team switched on Berserk Mode!! Everyone pushed the team and the team pushed everyone! Coming back like this shows what great mentality this team has. I can’t be more proud!

Friday night was the 3rd installment of the Wiesbaden Pond Hockey League (WPHL) and again it was a big hit! 30 skaters enjoyed another great evening of friendly pond hockey under the Henkell lights. You can feel the excitement growing more and more each week! Most teams designed their own logos and ordered jerseys and as the season progresses, you can start seeing all of the new jerseys being proudly worn by the teams. 

On Saturday the GRAY team opened up their first inaugural season game against the Stuttgart Mustangs. It was a great morning for hockey! The Vikings team came out strong dominating the Mustang’s defensive zone but with a lucky break, the Mustangs struck first. The Vikings answered back quickly. Fernando “Fern” Collado held his own as the Mustang’s attempted to savagely take him out of the game, causing a distraction in front of their net allowing Strouth to even the score and close the first period at 1:1!

The Vikings came out strong in the second period with great puck possession and movement. This allowed the Mustangs to be out of position and a beautiful goal by Jannick “Pauly” Paluschtik followed by another snipe from Pauly increasing the lead to 3:1 at the end of the second.

The third period proved to be a period of adjustments for the Vikings. Early in the period, Fern suffered an injury causing a quick shuffle in the line up; however, he was able to return and play through the pain.  The Vikings also received a penalty later in the period on a very weak call from the refs but Michelle ‘Bullet Train’ Grecco led the penalty kill team to hold the Mustangs from scoring. The Mustangs were able to get another lucky bounce and score bringing the count to 3:2 Vikings.  Will was able to end the Mustang’s chances by firing the puck in the back of the net bringing the game to 4:2. The Vikings held the lead by strong defensive plays from their Captain Frank ‘Caramel Beauty’ Moncada and Segi, and of course Joe “the picket fence” White. Great and exciting win for the GRAY team. Huge thanks to Jeffrey “goalie cut” Barrish for proving us wrong and showing us that he actually can tell time! Scorekeeper of the year award goes to….

To finish off the week, Vikings RED drove to Mannheim on Sunday to face the Tower Warriors II at the SAP arena and WHITE drove to Waldbronn to battle the Huskies III. Before the game, the Tower Warriors II and Vikings  Red were the only two undefeated teams in.
The game started at a really high pace with both teams trying to get on the score sheet early. Only 3 minutes in, the Viking’s captain scored the first goal. Even Though the Vikings were up a goal the game the game was pretty even played. After the second period, the score was 2:1. Whatever happened between period two and three really sparked the Vikings. Even though they were short-handed for five minutes in the third period, they scored four consecutive goals and secured the 6:1 win, overcoming the early, and 1 hour drive to stay undefeated in DPL 4 with a record of 3-0. WHITE had a few too many gluhweins on Saturday and were a bit sluggish, falling 1-6 and enduring that long ride home!

Another great week in the books!


Weekly Round Up 11/19 – 11/25

The Vikings had another busy week!

WHITE took the long ride to Eppleheim for two DPL games. On Thursday,
November 21st, they faced off against the Adler. They fought hard, but in the
end they fell 6:2. The following Sunday, November 25th, they had an early
wake-up with an 0700 game against the Blind Eagles. Again, the boys played
hard, but a slow start cost them and they lost 6:1. Although the boys came
empty-handed both times, we are proud of the effort and hard work that these
guys are putting in. The wins will come

 BLACK also played two games, both in the RMHliga.  On 18 November they faced
Aschaffenburg under the lights in Wiesbaden.  The game ended with a BLACK 17:3
win, but the game was fairly and cleanly played by both teams making it a fun
experience.  BLACK laced them up again in Mainz on November 25th against the
Mainz Wolfe U20 squad.  The young guys from Mainz played hard and fast, but
the experienced BLACK group was too much in the end and our boys secured a
10:3 win.

The WPHL also concluded its second night of league play with teams 7-12
getting their first opportunity for league play.  This league is even better
than anticipated and we look forward to the rest of this season and to growing
the league in seasons to come.

Week 2 Results
Standings as of Week 2

 Unlike some other men’s league teams, the Vikings spend just as much time
training as they do participating in league games.  With three practices this
past week, the improvements can be seen across the board on all levels. We
have an incredible opportunity in front of us and we’ll keep taking advantage
of all of the ice time that is available!


DPL Kickoff: A First, a Win, and a Whooping

 The DPL season is underway and for the first time, the Vikings have sent 
three teams to play in what is considered to be the top hobby league in 
Germany. Vikings BLACK, RED, and WHITE play in Div1, Div4, and Div5, 

WHITE lead the charge, making the late night 100 + km drive to battle with 
the Wiesloch Old Stars. The team fought hard and almost came out with a win en 
route to a 3:4 loss in their very first league game


Here’s what their captain Andre Beem had to say about the performance: 

was the first league game ever for WHITE and you could feel the excitement. 
Though we can do a lot better, this was a great point to start from and we 
showed everybody ‘VIKINGS WHITE’ has arrived!”

Next up was RED playing in Wiesloch. After a painful loss in the DPL 
finals last season, the team came out flying with something to prove. Rob 
Painter started things off with an early goal and then the floodgates opened. 
They kept the pressure throughout the game and came home with a nice 11:1 win, 
making it a happy drive back to Wiesbaden. Of note, the Vikings only penalty 
came from none other than the big Czech teddy bear David Leska. He’s so big 
that one touch sends guys flying. Hannah Pedersen got the start in net and 
only let in one goal in her first DPL game.  Josh Haas tallied three points 
with two goals and an assist while also playing in his first DPL game. Great 
job, RED!

Then came BLACK who played in Heddesheim on the foggy outdoor rink…It was a 
season-opening matchup of the two of the top teams of 2017/2018 DPL 1 season. 
The Heddesheim Flames came out with half the town on the bench, while the 
Vikings were shorthanded as several players were enjoying an extended summer 
vacation.  The opening period ended 6:0 in favor of the Flames, but the 
Vikings stepped up their game in the second and third period. The final score 
was an eye-opening 3:11.  It was a rough one and an early reminder that DPL 1 
is top tier hockey. But we’ll see them again in January on our home ice!

There is a lot of hockey coming up. Stay tuned!!


WPHL Season Kickoff!

The Wiesbaden Pond Hockey League(WPHL) kicked off this past Friday night under the bright lights of the Henkel Eisbahn. Six of the league’s twelve teams got together to battle for first-night bragging rights. It was a huge success, with approximately 30 skaters, lots of sweat, laughter, and tired legs!

The WPHL presents to you…your 2018/2019 Teams!

Each week, six teams will get together to play 3 – 15-minute games, cross-ice. The rink is split up by the three zones so that three games can be played simultaneously.  Each team will play 15 games over the course of a 10 week season.

When asked about the idea of starting a pond hockey league, Viking Chairman Luke Rose commented We have over 100 players in the club, so when we had the opportunity to have ice on Friday we needed a way to give all of our players a chance to use the ice. Our liga allows a lot of players to be on the ice and active at the same time. 62 Vikings signed up to play and we’ve already received requests from teams in Frankfurt and Mannheim to join. The first night was an enormous success and it’s only going to grow from here.”

Rink Split into 3 sections, A, B, and C.

Why pond hockey?

As a young hockey player, if you have the privilege of growing up in a place with cold winters, pond hockey is a winter tradition. There is nothing like lacing up the skates and playing outdoors. It’s a fun, exciting atmosphere where you are able to practice your skills and get a workout that will punish you for several days. Stopping and starting in the close quarters will not only make you have to think fast but also provide a unique opportunity to improve your game in a situation without too many rules.

You can find the WPHL  at the Henkel Eisbahn in Wiesbaden every Friday night at 2115 throughout winter!

Photos Taken by Segi!

Video Shot and Edited by Timur!

Team White kicked off the Viking’s DPL Season with a nailbiter


 After more than twelve months of hard work with countless drills the historical moment finally came when Team White was ready to go for its first DPL game ever facing the Old Stars in Wiesloch! And White started like they have never done anything else. After a couple of minutes they lost their jumpiness and took over the control of the action. The Vikings skated hard and brought their speed on the ice. Then it was Johannes Roch who brought the Vikings on the board: 1-0 Vikes!!! Only 25 seconds later Brian Smith put it on 2-0 for the Vikings. Goalie Björn Herrmann Beggert showed some great saves and made sure the Viking took the lead into the first intermission. After less than a minute played in the second period Brian Smith’s second goal of the night made Team White dream of a perfect start into the season: 3-0. But the Old Stars stroke back immediately and scored their first goal of the game. This goal changed the momentum in favor for the home team and the Old Stars scored two more goals to tie the game at the end of the second period. A quick Powerplay goal at the beginning of the third period brought the first lead of the night for the Old Stars. In the following minutes the game became a real nailbiter with scoring chances on both ends of the ice. But the drama reached its climax when Headcoach Scott Köckritz called a timeout, set the lines for the the final minutes and pulled the goalie. And the Vikings came with force trying to get the well deserved equalizer. Unfortunately the puck didn’t find its way into the net and a great fight ended with a 3-4 loss. Despite not knowing about the own strength combined with the excitement of the first DPL-game ever the team showed a great effort and proved that these guys can compete in this league. It also has to be mentioned that the Wiesloch Old Stars showed great sportsmanship and never gave up in a hard-fought but fair game. While having some after-game-freshies both teams made plans to meet again in the playoffs…

Pisek Ice Hockey Camp 2018

The Vikings just returned home from an unbelievable four-day training camp in Pisek, Czech Republic. It was exactly what was needed to get the 2018/2019 season off on the right foot. On Thursday morning, two groups consisting of 33 skaters, 3 goalies, and a gimp, loaded on the bus in Wiesbaden for the eight-hour ride to our temporary home. You could feel the excitement. Let’s just say it wasn’t so quiet. Upon arrival, with just enough time to grab dinner and then get on the ice, group A kicked things off with the first skate immediately followed by group B. Fresh Czech pilsners were then enjoyed at the Island Bar, right across from the hotel. This is where everything changed…we got word that there was a local beer fest..more to follow.

To avoid starvation, each day the Vikes were supplied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Early morning, group skates and off ice stick handling drills were great as you could see everyone focused and determined to improve their game. As the coaches gathered the skaters by the boards, you could sense the confusion as they tried to explain the upcoming drills. Of course, after a quick tutorial everyone caught on quickly! Off the ice, one of the highlights was when Jannik was challenged by a coach to shoot a puck from the stands to a net on the ice. The coach tried three times, while Palu sent it in on the first try!  Jason and Dan also followed suit with some sweet shots from the stands!


A ten minute walk to the beer fest was a beer league hockey players heaven; delicious beer, great music, and tons of food!

Day three was a big day. Morning skates, tennis matches, and the Vikings first ever game at an international level. Group A battled against the Kuwait National Ice Hockey team, with each of the three goalies getting a period of play.  The cheers of “Go Vikings Go” and “Obama – Zu Spät, die Hesse Komme” is imagined to be heard all the way from the beer fest! It was a great, hard fought game, resulting in a 8-6 loss by the Vikings. Not bad for our first international game, eh?

Wiesbaden vs. Kuwait

The team dinner in the city was was a blast. The food was delicious, and there is nothing like ordering 37 beers at once!  The beer fest was fun, the music was awesome, but to top it all off was the 2nd Annual (extremely safe) River Race. The contenders this year were Yannick, Axel, Chris, and William. Chris took the victory this year in a tight race leaving everyone speechless!

“To the Beer Fest!”

The team headed back to the beer fest for last call …. and everyone made it home safe.

Many woke up ready for the morning skate as we prepared to our return home. Some got dressed and then immediately undressed, realizing that this would not just be a fun scrimmage. These coaches were no joke!

 As you might imagine, the bus ride home was very quiet. Lots of great memories. Lots of pain, sweat, and laughter. This is the greatest hockey club in the world.

Last but not least, this was the final trip for our buddy Shane, who’s first game was a shoutout in Assenheim and who’s last game was a 17 out of 20 minute shoutout against the Kuwaiti  National hockey team. Shane’s dedication to the Vikings over the past two years helped us secure a Garmish Championship as well as have many hangovers. Thank you Sarah for allowing him to get wild with us! We will miss you, buddy!

This trip will happen again next year. Don’t miss it!


2018/2019 Season Kick-Off event


It’s that that time of year again!

The Vikings are ready to get the 2018/2019 ice season rolling. Despite several obstacles, the Viking family came together in a major way on Saturday to kick off the new season.

“No grilling” they said. Well, we took care of that!

Over 70 players, friends and family members showed up with food, drinks, and games – assuring a day full of good eating, laughter, and entertainment. We welcomed new players to the club, said farewell to Dick Shaver – a guy who’s contributions to this team extend way past his efforts on the ice, and even celebrated the birthday of our fearless leader and founder, Luke!


HUGE Thank You to Frankie and everyone else who helped pull this off. It was truly a special day!

The ice season officially kicks off this weekend in Limburg and the following week we have a bus full of Vikings headed to the annual training camp in the Czech Republic. There is a lot of excitement in the air and it’s easy to see why.

If this kick off event was a reflection of this upcoming season, then it will surely be one for the record books!


And how about that video, eh? Timur is a beast with the edit! Thanks Timur and Segi for capturing the madness!