Wiesbaden Vikings Teamfoto mit Inlineskates

No ice? So what!

With rising temperatures and ice rinks in the area being closed for summer the Vikings just replaced their blades with wheels. As usual the hardcore hockey enthusiasts don’t want to miss their favorite sport and the hanging out with their teammates. So we simply play Inline Hockey!

Since the Rüsselsheim Royals share this love for hockey and also share their rink with the Vikings it happened that both teams set up a friendly game. That being said: friendly is the keyword in here. No refs, just two teams, two nets on both ends and a lot of fun – it was like in the good old days when as kids we used to play street hockey on a parking lot! The Vikings were sending a mixed team with 10 guys throughout all skill levels while the Royals were dressing up their hobby/ beginners team filled with a couple of guys from their 1st team. Sun was burning hot on this Sunday in Rüsselsheim but both teams were prepared with sun creme and of course a lot of freshies…

The Vikings had the better start and quickly scored some goals for a 4-1 lead after the 1st period. The action went up and down but the Vikes protected the lead and added some more goals for a 9-3 win in the end. Both teams showed passion and some nice plays what made this afternoon a great success for all participants. Well maybe not for all – unfortunately one guy from the Royals dislocated his shoulder after hitting the ground with no contact from another player. Get well soon, buddy!

Both teams plan to repeat this and maybe start a series of friendly games. Further the Vikings will take part in a mini tournament on the 1st of July in Rüsselsheim.

Let’s do that hockey!