Christmas Party 2017

Merry X-Mas !!!

110 Vikings, family, and friends converged on Der Andechser im Ratskeller in downtown Wiesbaden on the evening of December 16th to attend the club’s annual Christmas party bash.  The evening included delicious food, thoughtful toasts, a beer drinking contest, trivia with prizes provided by Hockeyshop Forster, and was capped by three hours of live music by the band Roll ‘n’ Rock.  Nights like this are why HC Wiesbaden is the best hockey club in the world!  GVG!

The boat race – Team Red winner 2017 !

Dave Harding
Team White 2017 / 2018
The Andechser – Ratskeller Wiesbaden

Successful start – Season 2017/2018

The season is here and off to a successful start.  On September 17th, the Vikings took to the ice for the first time this season.  The skate was for the Vikings 3rd team and new players trying out for the Vikings.  41 players and 8 trainers attended, filling up the ice.  Training has continued every Sunday at 1115 am in Limburg as we wait for the ice to come to Wiesbaden.  The city expect ice to be ready in Wiesbaden on 22 October at which time the Vikings will move operations to their home rink.
Interested in joining the Vikings this season?  Contact us at mail@wiesbaden-vikings to set up a try out.

Vikings finish Inline Regionalliga Süd in second place

Last Sunday the Vikings picked a bad day to be in bad shape – losing two games and missing the championship by 3 points.

In the first game of the day the Vikings faced second-seeded Herborn in a crucial match for this year’s Regionalliga championship – and lost 2-8 (2-4).
Either it was too early (8h30), too many skaters (a record high 9 Vikings) or just bad luck (4 goals against scored on deflections), but overall the Crocodiles deserved to win. They went up by two goals early, Wiesbaden getting back into the game by scoring two goals of their own in the first half – making it 1-2 and 2-3. But that was it for the Wiesbaden offense, as the Vikings were not able to score more goals in that game. Herborn played a solid game, converting many of their chances, creating goals from lucky bounces and cycling the puck for possession and with that win moved into first place of the standings, with a 2 points difference.

The Vikings absolutely needed a win in game two against Frankfurt to keep their chances alive to win the championship, but fell short again: 4-6 (2-3).
This game was much closer, Wiesbaden looking to take advantage of a short bench on Frankfurt’s side and the fact that they had back-to-back games. This worked in terms of puck control but somehow the puck did not end up in the net. Instead, the Mainprimaten capitalized on many of their chances and took the lead early in the game. Wiesbaden took many shots but needed far to many chances to score goals. Both teams traded goals over the course of the game, but Frankfurt kept the two-goal lead most of the time for the win.

In the next game of the day Herborn beat Kronberg in Overtime, therefore securing the Regionalliga title.

The game between Wiesbaden and the Crusaders was irrelevant for the standings but a nice finish to the inline season as the Vikings won 6-3 (2-2).
The win did not come easy – the Vikings were up 2-0 after five minutes but allowed two goals before the break. With one goal scored by each team within the first three minutes of the second period the game was tied 3-3 until the  last minute. Chris Bräuning scored the eventual game winner for another hattrick with 53 seconds left, the Crusaders in turn pulled their goalie and allowed another goal at 14:51. The remaining 9 seconds then were enough to score another goal on the rush at the buzzer.

Despite falling short in the championship race this summer was a lot of fun and also with some individual success, as Chris Bräuning captured this year’s scoring title with 31 points (21 G – 10 A).

Congratulations to Herborn for winning the Regionalliga this time – the Vikings will be back next year.

Vikings conclude day 4 with win against Kronberg

Day four of Regionalliga Süd exceptionally concluded on a Friday night – thanks to an invitation to Assenheim by the Kronberg Crusaders. Shane Steenberge was ready to play again and provided some nice saves in a 6-2 victory.

As expected it was an intense game as both teams had a chance to improve their position in the standings as the Crusaders were only 3 points behind the Vikings. Wiesbaden scored first on a breakaway six minutes into the game, but Kronberg continued to control the puck well, using all available space and clean breakouts to put pressure on the Vikings. This paid off as they were able to tie the game on a nice rotation in the Wiesbaden zone, then taking the lead two minutes later on a 2 on 1 breakaway. The Crusaders kept the foot on the gas but could not capitalize on their chances. Five minutes before the end of the first half Kronberg took two consecutive penalties which lead to a 4 on 2 powerplay. The Vikings scored the equalizer first and then – one minute later with one Crusader still in the penalty box – another goal to take a 3-2 lead. This gave Wiesbaden some momentum as they added one more tally before the break.

In the second half the Vikings defended well, kept their positions and kept control of the puck, not giving Kronberg many chances. Shane Steenberge addes some nice goaltending when needed and Wiesbaden scored two more goals for a 6-2 victory. Nick Stortini, Patrick Zell and Jason Malak each had four points.

The “third half” was a success for both teams – a big BBQ with burgers, hot dogs and some cold drinks was a well-deserved conclusion to a great gameday – thanks again to the Crusaders for the sportsmanship and for this great match!

The next Tournament will be played on Sunday, 6th of August in Frankfurt.

Outnumbered Vikings survive day 4 with two wins

This week’s tournament started a bit later as the rink was still wet and the drying took longer than expected.
This was also due to the fact that the Vikings were down to 4 skaters and a goalie for the day. Only with Hans Schmidt dressing as 5th skater the Vikings were able to start the game at all to meet league regulations.

The game against Herborn proved to be intense and close, Wiesbaden eventually getting a 1-0 victory.
The Vikings were forced to take a structured approach to the game, with a lot of passing, patience and proper breakouts. Surprisingly this was a new aspect to the Vikings game which turned out to work quite well. Jason Malak scored in the first period and the Vikings held on to the lead  for the rest of the game, successfully killing a penalty in the second half, securing the first shutout for Shane Steenberge.

The second game against Frankfurt was even in terms of personnel – as the Mainprimaten had a short bench as well. The result however was clearly in the Vikings’ favour, 6-2.
It started as a close game, the Vikings scoring first on the powerplay but conceding the equalizer halfway through the first period. A few shifts later Wiesbaden  got another goal, making it 2-1 at halftime.
Both teams were slightly low on energy but Frankfurt had played the game before and therefore struggled more to keep up their game. Wiesbaden scored two more goals early in the second half for a comfortable 4-1 lead. Although the Mainprimaten cut the lead in half temporarily, the Vikings went on to score two more goals, with Thomas Connell completing a hattrick for the final score of 6-2.

Late in that game Shane Steenberge took a blow to the head and neck in a collision with an opponent – forcing him out of game 3.  Wiesbaden was therefore unable to play the last game and the Kronberg Crusaders could have easily taken the points for free but decided that a real match would be much nicer. Therefore the match was postponed and will be played on Friday (20h45 in Assenheim). This is great sportsmanship – thank you, guys!!!

Last but not least a big THANK YOU goes out to Petra, Winnie, Marcel and Hansi for putting up with all the preparation work, running the game clock and helping us making it through this tournament. You guys rock!

Vikings win one, lose two on day three

On the 9th of July the Vikings played in their third Inline Regionalliga tournament, having difficult times with a really short bench – with 6 skaters only – and being without a “real” goalie. Patrick Zell – normally one of the leading Vikings scorers – had to dress as netminder. He did an outstanding job though, preventing many scoring chances despite not having played in net for years.

First, Herborn took advantage of the Vikings’ lineup, winning 6-0.
The game started well with a score of 0-1 at halftime, but Wiesbaden was not able to keep up the pace and fell apart during the second period.

In game two against Frankfurt the Vikings found the back of the net 5 times, winning that game 5-2.

Kronberg then won 5-1 in the last game, with exhausted Vikings not being able to cope with the heat, especially as the latter games were back to back.

Vikings win three – tied for first place in Regionalliga Süd

On the second day of the Inline Regionalliga Süd the Vikings almost delivered a perfect tournament – gaining 8 out of 9 possible points.

In the first game against Herborn the Vikings wanted to make up for the loss on day one of Regionalliga Süd and did so by winning 6:5 – although it took overtime to win it.
After a good start by the Vikings with a 3:1 lead at halftime and 4:1 early into the second half. However, Wiesbaden again struggled to play well when in the lead. Sloppy play led to Herborn scoring the 4:4 equalizer with 5 minutes to go. Jason Malak scored the 5:4  shortly after but again the Vikings did not manage to hold of the Crocodiles, who scored on a giveaway two minutes later. So the 5 minute overtime was necessary to decide the game, and despite the Vikings outshooting Herborn largely in these last minutes they could not get one past their strong goalie – until the very last second of overtime:  Patrick Zell put in a rebound, giving Wiesbaden 2 out of 3 possible points.
Chris Bräuning led the team in scoring with 2 goals and 2 assists while four different players scored in that game.

Directly after that the Vikings had to play a back to back game – against Mainprimaten Frankfurt.
This one was won 7:4, although Frankfurt had the better start, scoring two minutes into the game. After that it was all Vikings, with 5 unanswered goals in the first half and the sixth one early in the second half. Frankfurt scored two of their own but never really got back into the game. Both teams scored one more 10 minutes in but not much more happened in that game, with temperatures reaching 31°C/87°F. Shane Steenberge was in net for both games while Patrick Zell and Jason Malak had 2 goals and 1 assist each.

In game three the Vikings found their offence , led by Patrick Zell with 1 goal and 4 assists while Chris Bräuning had another big game, scoring 4 goals in a 9:2 victory over the Kronberg Crusaders. It was the third game for both teams so the energy level was already a bit low on both sides. However, the Vikings got two quick goals in the first two minutes. Kronberg netted one halfway through the first period, but the Vikings got on the board twice to make it 4-1. In concequence, the Vikings took the foot off the gas, leading to a little run-and-gun period with both teams trading chances and Kronberg getting one more goal to make it a 4-2 game. The Vikings used the halftime break to get back on track, taking full control of the match, having puck possession most of the time and relying on solid goaltending by Chris Kennedy who played the last game of the day. Doobee scored 3 of his 4 goals in the second half with Simon Sanchez assisting on three of them in his first tournament as a Viking.

The next tournament is on the 9th of July.


No April Fool’s Joke – Vikings win DPL and RMHL

The 1st of April 2017 will most likely be remembered as the most successful day in Vikings history so far. It started with an early roadtrip for the red/white team heading down to Eppelheim for the DPL finals. During regular season they remained undefeated with nine wins and only one tied game scoring 63 goals in Division 5 of the DPL. In the championship game they faced second placed Schorle Adler II and took control from the beginning. But the game was close until the Vikes overrun their oppnent in the last period scoring one goal after anothter for a big 8-0 (2-0/0-0/6-0) victory. In addition to the championship Josh Hampton got honored as the best scorer of the season and Chris Kennedy was docorated with the well deserved title oft he best goalkeeper in DPL 5.

A few hours later the black Vikings had to compete in the RMHL Division 1 final in Mainz. During regular season the Vikings couldn’t manage to get a win against Mainzer Wölfe who therefore felt like getting the prey. But the Vikings came out flying and scored a couple of quick goals. During the second period they extended their lead including a hattrick by Alex Althenn. Now the Vikings dominated on the ice as well as on the stand. At the end the black team managed to win their third consecutive RMHL championship with a confident score of 11-7 (2-0/6-1/3-6) and accomplished this perfect Viking day.

Thanks to the whole Viking family for making this happen!

The Battle for Henkell – 1st Pond Hockey tournament

“The kings of Henkell”

 It was a day of fun, comradery, and competition. On Saturday, March 4th, 2017 the Wiesbaden Vikings held the inaugural “Battle for Henkell (both the Eisbahn and the champagne). Over 60 players, family members, and friends of the Vikings attended the 3-on-3 Pond Hockey tournament. After three hours of non-stop action, the team of Malak, Besenoff, Murphy, and McConnell defeated the TC, Parekh, Hartmann, Kalusek team in sudden-death overtime. It was an exciting finish to an outstanding day. We’d like to give a special shout-out and thank you to all the families and players that donated their time, food, drinks, and effort in putting together this tournament.

“The Vikings Family”