Vikings survive summer heat and secure 2nd place in Regionalliga

The toughest opponent this weekend was definitely the weather: 32/90°, no clouds, no wind – only the additional breaks and the water buckets provided by the hosting White Wolves were a bit of a relief.
Nevertheless the Vikings won both games and therefore secured the second place in Regionalliga.

The first game against the so far undefeated Black Devils was a close one: The Vikings had a good start into the game and built up a 7-2 lead until 5 Minutes into the second half, but then Bad Nauheim – playing with 3 complete lines – had better reserves and managed to close the gap to make it a one-goal game. The Vikings survived the final minutes against 5 skaters and defended the 7-6 victory.

In the second game against Frankfurt the Vikings had a slower start – already trailing 0-1 two minutes into the game. But the reply was excellent: Wiesbaden scored 8 unanswered goals in the first half – from which the Mainprimaten wouldn’t recover. In the second half both teams reduced the intensity and the Vikings cruised to a 12-2 victory.

This weekend all Viking skaters scored at least one goal – 7 out of 8 players scored in each game. Luke Rose led the offense with 9 points (3G 6A), Sebastian Burstedde added 8 Points (4G 4A) and Florian Sander in his first two games as a Viking had 6 Points (3G 3A).


The next and final regular season game for the Vikings is on the 11th of September, the playoff tournament ist on the 18th. There is a slight chance to move on to first place by winning the last game and Bad Nauheim losing one of their remaining games.