WPHL Season Kickoff!

The Wiesbaden Pond Hockey League(WPHL) kicked off this past Friday night under the bright lights of the Henkel Eisbahn. Six of the league’s twelve teams got together to battle for first-night bragging rights. It was a huge success, with approximately 30 skaters, lots of sweat, laughter, and tired legs!

The WPHL presents to you…your 2018/2019 Teams!

Each week, six teams will get together to play 3 – 15-minute games, cross-ice. The rink is split up by the three zones so that three games can be played simultaneously.  Each team will play 15 games over the course of a 10 week season.

When asked about the idea of starting a pond hockey league, Viking Chairman Luke Rose commented We have over 100 players in the club, so when we had the opportunity to have ice on Friday we needed a way to give all of our players a chance to use the ice. Our liga allows a lot of players to be on the ice and active at the same time. 62 Vikings signed up to play and we’ve already received requests from teams in Frankfurt and Mannheim to join. The first night was an enormous success and it’s only going to grow from here.”

Rink Split into 3 sections, A, B, and C.

Why pond hockey?

As a young hockey player, if you have the privilege of growing up in a place with cold winters, pond hockey is a winter tradition. There is nothing like lacing up the skates and playing outdoors. It’s a fun, exciting atmosphere where you are able to practice your skills and get a workout that will punish you for several days. Stopping and starting in the close quarters will not only make you have to think fast but also provide a unique opportunity to improve your game in a situation without too many rules.

You can find the WPHL  at the Henkel Eisbahn in Wiesbaden every Friday night at 2115 throughout winter!

Photos Taken by Segi!

Video Shot and Edited by Timur!

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